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Fitted to Holiness

How Modesty Is Achieved and Compromised among the Plain People

Cory & Jennifer Anderson

Hardcover, 410pp, 2019; $14


What does a North American system of religious separatism look like in a global context? The answers can be found in 19 countries across the globe, where Amish-Mennonites have been planting churches since 1961.

This is a totally new, oversized, hardcover, full-color book that makes a great gift. Whereas The Amish-Mennonites of North America toured the U.S. and Canada, you are now invited on a worldwide trek. Your itinerary starts in Africa, then continues to Eastern Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Central America, and ends in Western Europe. Along the way, you will learn about the joys and struggles of each country, common ways of life, the stories of those who started church communities, and the people who joined. 

This oversized volume is loaded with photos, maps, artwork, informative feature boxes, and plenty of food-for-thought. Of interest to anyone curious about church life outside North America. An important addition to school, church, and home libraries. A special keepsake gift for family, children, neighbors, and friends.

The Amish-Mennonites across the Globe is a great global excursion for the young and old alike.

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The Amish-Mennonites across the Globe

Cory & Jennifer Anderson

Hardcover, 326pp., 2019; $45





Fitted to Holiness: How Modesty in Achieved and Compromised among the Plain People

Amish-Mennonites across the Globe

Fitted to Holiness + Amish-Mennonites across the Globe



Save $11 when you order the complete set.

Amish-Mennonites of North America (Vol. 1) 300pp.
Amish-Mennonites across the Globe (Vol. 2) 323pp.

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Fashion designers know the impact of clothing. They study it, they make a living off of it, and they know how to design immodesty, well. Can plain people apply these same concepts to understand how modesty is achieved and when it is compromised? This volume, which packs in a tremendous amount of research, nurtures an appreciation for that single practice identifying the plain churches’ convictions most clearly: dress. It will help the reader appreciate both God’s mandate for holiness in dress and the many subtle—and not-so-subtle—ways it is under attack today.


“Every so often a book comes along that belongs on the bookshelf of every Christian who believes in the Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms—that of Jesus Christ and that of this world—and the Andersons definitely offer one.”

                 -Old Order Amish

“One of our preachers is taking this book along to our mission… He thinks it will help our brethren to explain some things.”

                 -Conservative Mennonite

“Quite the work! It’s the kind of book that many will hate and some will appreciate.”


“Once in a while, something good comes our way that is so needed, that explains what is happening, why things are going a certain way, and this is one of those books.”

                 -Old Order Amish