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The Amish-Mennonites across the Globe

Cory & Jennifer Anderson

Hardcover, 326pp., 2019; $39.50

A-M Heritage Series Vol. 2



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Hundreds of hours and thousands of miles were invested to bring you this incredible volume covering all Amish-Mennonite churches outside North America. This is a beautiful coffee table book that will engross the young and old, a prized keepsake for years to come. Ideal for gifts, school projects, church libraries, children’s browsing, and the home-bound. Includes several thought-provoking essays about missions, culture, and globalization.


Pages: 326pp.
Binding: Hardcover, full color
Publisher: Acorn
Release date: July 2019
Edition: First, limited printing
ISBN: 978-1-7322864-0-5
Dimensions: 9 3/8” x 12 1/4” x 1 1/8”
Weight: 4.05lb / 64.9oz


What does a North American system of religious separatism look like in a global context? The answers can be found in 19 countries across the globe, where Amish-Mennonites have been planting churches since 1961.

This is an oversized, hardcover, full-color book that makes a great gift. Whereas The Amish-Mennonites of North America toured the U.S. and Canada, you are now invited on a worldwide trek. Your itinerary starts in Africa, then continues to Eastern Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Central America, and ends in Western Europe. Along the way, you will learn about the joys and challenges of each country, common ways of life, the stories of those who started church communities, and the people who joined. 

This oversized volume is loaded with photos, maps, artwork, informative feature boxes, and plenty of food-for-thought. Of interest to anyone curious about church life outside North America. An important addition to school, church, and home libraries. A special keepsake gift for family, children, neighbors, and friends.

It also includes several thought-provoking essays about missions, culture, and globalization.

The Amish-Mennonites across the Globe is a great global excursion for the young and old alike.

Table of Contents

Essay: Foreword

Essay: Welcome!

Africa: Kenya, Liberia

Eastern Europe: Romania, Ukraine, Poland

South America: Brazil, Paraguay

Caribbean: Belize, Haiti, Cuba

Central America: El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico

Western Europe and Australia: Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Australia

Facts: Global Map / Amish-Mennonites by the Numbers

Essay: Do You Want to Be a Missionary? 52 Questions to Ask Yourself

Essay: What to Make of Mission? "Mission Lite" and Globalization

Each country includes the following content:
•Country history, geography, and political context
•Country key facts
•History timeline
•What’s cookin’?
•Select Bible verse in English and local language
•Everyday clothing in the country
•Religious affiliation percentages
•Informative map of all church locations, including year started and origins
•One to two page profile of each church, including
—Year established
—Photos of the church building, sign, and sanctuary,
—Photos of attendees

Reader Responses

“The children love looking at all of the pictures-and we do too. The past few evenings, I have been reading more carefully once things quiet down. A couple of nights went way too late...”
         -Beachy Amish-Mennonite

“The books are so interesting, especially for those of us who lived on the mission field for service! Thank you for all the work you put into them.”
         -Mennonite Christian Fellowship

“I have just finished reading your book Amish-Mennonites across the Globe and want to tell you how much my family and I appreciate it. You all have not only presented a very thorough account of the different ‘mission’ efforts in many places but have also echoed many of my thoughts and sentiments regarding the reasons behind the successes and failures of such efforts.”
         -Ambassadors Amish-Mennonite

“So thank you, and thank you again, for compiling all of this information and presenting it so nicely. These books are a real gift for our churches.”
         -Beachy Amish-Mennonite

“We are flabbergasted at the sheer volume of work, travel, photography, thoughtful articles, insights, etc. that this book represents.  Bravo on another monumental, monolithic contribution to the world of Anabaptist scholarship. We are going to enjoy working our way through.”
         -Western Cons. Mennonite

“The surface reader will see a coffee-table style book with a fascinating gallery of photos showing plain churches around the world, with many interesting facts about countries and cultures. When [the] reader settles down for a deeper look, he will see a lot more. The authors say their book is ‘a complicated, multi-dimensional analysis of the Amish-Mennonite abroad.’ Indeed.”
         -Jonathan Stoll, review in Plain Things

About both Amish-Mennonites across the Globe and Fitted to Holiness:
“I need to take to heart for myself the realities you presented that I had not comprehended heretofore. I wish I could shout from every meetinghouse roof, to every young Anabaptist, ‘Read! Study! These two books!’ I simply say THANK YOU. I know I can’t know the blood, sweat, and tears it cost you, body, soul, and spirit, to produce such comprehensive works.”
         -Mid-level Conservative Mennonite

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View several sample pages from Amish-Mennonites across the Globe (pdf format).