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Fitted to Holiness

How Modesty Is Achieved and Compromised among the Plain People

Cory & Jennifer Anderson

Hardcover, 410pp, 2019; $14


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1. The Ornament of a Spirit: Exploring Reasons Covering Styles Change
2. Fitted to Holiness: How Modesty Is Achieved and Compromised among the Plain People

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Making use of extensive research from the sciences, arts, and Scriptures, this book describes how clothing affects the body and mind, then applies this knowledge to modesty, simplicity, and plainness. The book will help reinforce plain churches' stand on the important practices of dress and appearance.


Pages: 410pp.
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Acorn
Release date: May 2019
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-1-7322864-1-2
Dimensions: 9.5” x 6.25” x 1”
Weight: 1.6lb / 25.7oz


Fashion designers know the impact of clothing. They study it, they make a living off of it, and they know how to design immodesty, well. Can plain people apply these same concepts to understand how modesty is achieved and when it is compromised? This volume, which packs in a tremendous amount of research, nurtures an appreciation for that single practice identifying the plain churches’ convictions most clearly: dress. It will help the reader appreciate both God’s mandate for holiness in dress and the many subtle—and not-so-subtle—ways it is under attack today.

This book includes the following reference tools:
72 figures to help readers visualize concepts
18-page glossary of terms
10-page bibliography of cited research
4-page exhaustive Bible passage index
26-page exhaustive topical index

Table of Contents

I. Dress- Deceptively Influential
1. Does Clothing Matter?
2. ‘And Thou Shalt Make Holy Garments’
3. The World of Fashion

II. The Art of Modesty
4. The Art of Dress, the Science of Attraction
5. Lines and Shapes
6. Color and Lighting
7. Materials and Texture

III. Outfit Accessories
8. Clothing as Accessories
9. Carry-Alongs and Add-Ons
10. The Woman’s Covering: A Fashion Accessory or Symbol of Humble Service?

IV. Modesty for Men
11. The Upper Man
12. The Lower Man
13. The Head of Man

V. Modesty in Body, Mind, and Manner
14. The Body: The Spirit’s Temple, the World’s Obsession
15. Modesty in Presentation

VI. Lifestyles of the Plain & Fashionable
16. The Rise of Plain Dress: Where It Came from and Why It Works
17. Fashion’s Sabotage of Religious Dress
18. The Fashion Fantasy: How Lifestyle Marketing Consumes the Consumer
19. Joining the Club: Logos
20. Style Motifs: Bridging the Plain and Fashionable
21. Casual Clothing: What Is ‘Casual’ Anyway?

VII. Fashion in the Church
22. How Fashion Creeps into the Church
23. Dress Boundaries and How They Are Crossed
24. Evangelical Thinking and Plain Dress
25. Fashion Sleepers to Senior Wear: Walking down the Runway of Life

VIII. Conclusion
26. The Strength of Plain Clothing
Appendix, Glossary, and Index

Reader Responses

"I already learned all of this in marketing class. We buy based on package design all the time. Hand lotion is not in red-colored, jagged-shaped bottles. And our bodies are like packages. Why can't we get that? If you think color, shape, and size doesn't affect you, you're wrong."

“Every so often a book comes along that belongs on the bookshelf of every Christian who believes in the Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms—that of Jesus Christ and that of this world—and the Andersons definitely offer one.”
         -Old Order Amish

“One of our preachers is taking this book along to our mission… He thinks it will help our brethren to explain some things.”
         -Conservative Mennonite

“… well-researched, well-documented, and backed by Scripture! We appreciate the study.”
         -Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church

“Quite the work! It’s the kind of book that many will hate and some will appreciate.”
         -Beachy Amish-Mennonite

“… thank you for an excellent read. You put into words so many things we have known and felt to be true—particularly showing the fallacy of ‘plain dress is a works religion’ or ‘our plan dress doesn’t save us’.”
         -Conservative Mennonite

“This is a timely book. Once in a while, something good comes our way that is so needed, that explains what is happening, why things are going a certain way, and this is one of those books.”
         -Old Order Amish

“It has been a burden on my mind for some time that I would be able to present the modesty principle in a way that people would be able to understand how important it is and how far reaching it is. It is not only about dress! I feel this book is an answer to prayer and hope that many would get the vision of true modesty.”
         -Nationwide Mennonite Fellowship

About both Amish-Mennonites across the Globe and Fitted to Holiness:
“I need to take to heart for myself the realities you presented that I had not comprehended heretofore. I wish I could shout from every meetinghouse roof, to every young Anabaptist, ‘Read! Study! These two books!’ I simply say THANK YOU. I know I can’t know the blood, sweat, and tears it cost you, body, soul, and spirit, to produce such comprehensive works.”
         -Mid-level Conservative Mennonite