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The Ornament of a Spirit: Exploring Reasons Covering Styles Change

Cory Anderson

Softcover, 173pp., 2013; $10




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1. The Ornament of a Spirit: Exploring Reasons Covering Styles Change
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This concise yet informative book addresses the New Testament teaching about the woman’s head covering (1 Corinthians 11:1-16), with an emphasis on current changes in covering styles among plain Anabaptists. As 1 Corinthians is about the church, this book takes a symbolic perspective to reveal how a change in covering design represents deeper changes in how people relate to their church.


Pages: 173pp.
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Ridgeway Publishing
Release date: 2013
Edition: Revised (2nd)
Previous edition: 1st (August 2010)
ISBN: 978-0-09840985-1-4
Dimensions: 8.25”x5.25”x 0.5”
Weight: 0.52lb / 8.32oz


The Christian woman's head covering is one of the defining doctrines of the conservative Anabaptist church. Some groups, such as the Amish, have remained consistent in their application of this doctrine from one generation to the next. Others, including many Mennonite and Amish Mennonite groups, have changed styles, often allowing the covering to become smaller, more transparent, or more stylish. 

Why do Christian women cover their heads? 
The opening chapters of this book provide basic teachings on the covering, explaining and defending the reasons for wearing it. 

Why all the fuss about covering styles?
For those who already understand the doctrine and have a strong conviction for the covering, the bulk of the book explores the symbolic meaning behind different covering styles and probes the underlying motives behind style changes. The book is filled with fresh insights and original perspectives on a new challenge. Readers will find their convictions strengthened as they understand the historical significance of the traditional Anabaptist covering with its hundreds of years of symbolism. This book is a must have for those who are considering switching or have switched to veil style coverings.

Table of Contents

Preface and Introduction

Section I: Doctrine of the Head Covering
1. Covering for a Cause
2. Appropriate Times and Places to Cover
3. Common Objections to the Covering

Section II: Covering Style Changes in Conservative Anabaptist Churches
4. Introduction and Definitions
5. Constituencies in Conflict
6. The Symbolic Meaning of Covering Styles
7. The Motivations Driving the Change
8. The Historical Practice
9. Disunity and Style Diversity
10. Tangible Issues, Honest Concerns
11. Covering Styles and Church Brothers



1: Answers to Common Questions about Covering Styles
2: Caring for Your Cap Style Covering
3: Photo Index of Anabaptist Covering Styles