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Fitted to Holiness: Modesty cover

Fitted to Holiness: How Modesty Is Achieved and Compromised among the Plain People-
Cory & Jennifer Anderson
Amish-Mennonites across the Globe cover

The Amish-Mennonites across the Globe
- Cory & Jennifer Anderson

The Teacher's Manual-
Jennifer Anderson
Ornament of a Spirit cover

The Ornament of a Spirit: Exploring Reasons Covering Styles Change-
Cory Anderson
Helping Children with Special Needs cover

Helping Children with Special Needs-
Jennifer Anderson
Amish-Mennonites of North America cover

The Amish-Mennonites of North America
- Cory & Jennifer Anderson
Amish-Mennonites of North America cover
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Established in 2019, Acorn Publishing is a small operation run by Cory and Jennifer Anderson of Millersburg, Ohio. We offer several books in addition to closely related books frrom other publishers.

The audience for Acorn books are the plain Anabaptist people (e.g. Mennonite, Amish, German Baptist, Apostolic Christian, and related).

Out of the Box cover

Out of the Box

An Ohio Orphan's Unlikely Journey through Teenage Entrepreneurship, Military Conscription, the Plain Mennonites, and His Quest for Family

The autobiography of John Freeman

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Buy the newly released Out of the Box and add-on Amish-Mennonites across the Globe ($45.00) for the hugely discounted price of $19.95!



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