Acorn Publishing

Fitted to Holiness: Modesty cover

Fitted to Holiness: How Modesty Is Achieved and Compromised among the Plain People-
Cory & Jennifer Anderson
Amish-Mennonites across the Globe cover

The Amish-Mennonites across the Globe
- Cory & Jennifer Anderson

The Teacher's Manual-
Jennifer Anderson
Ornament of a Spirit cover

The Ornament of a Spirit: Exploring Reasons Covering Styles Change-
Cory Anderson
Helping Children with Special Needs cover

Helping Children with Special Needs-
Jennifer Anderson
Amish-Mennonites of North America cover

The Amish-Mennonites of North America
- Cory & Jennifer Anderson
Amish-Mennonites of North America cover
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Established in 2019, Acorn Publishing is a small operation run by Cory and Jennifer Anderson of Millersburg, Ohio. We offer several books, as well as closely related titles published elsewhere.

The audience for Acorn books are the plain Anabaptist people (e.g. Mennonite, Amish, German Baptist, Apostolic Christian, and related). However, readers from all walks are also welcome to consider these subjects.




Order links on this website take you to PayPal for checkout. For shipping discounts on pairs and sets, order from the book package discounts page rather than selecting books a la cart.

To order Acorn Publishing books through check/money order, fill out the order form and mail the order. All quantity discounts, shipping discounts, and book promotions available through mail.

Acorn Publishing
P.O. Box 37
Mt. Hope, OH 44660

330-473-4773 (no soliciting)

Shipping rates are for only within the U.S.A.

Acorn books are available from the supportive merchants below. Other stores carry select titles, so check your local bookstore even if it is not listed here. You can request your store order certain titles by providing them Acorn Publishing's contact information.

Holmes-Wayne Counties area:

Dalton-Little Country Store
Charm/Mt. Eaton-Raber’s Bookstore
Dundee-Pleasant Hill Books on Pleasant Hill Rd.
Sugarcreek-Gospel Shop
Millersburg/Benton-Colonial Homestead on SR-241
Berlin/Bunker Hill-Countryside Furniture
Mt. Hope/Bunker Hill-Yoder's Drieds and Gifts
Glenmont-Little Cottage Books
Farmerstown-Holmes School Books
New Bedford-New Bedford Variety
Maysville-Maysville Country Market
Maysville-Summit Valley Fabrics
Mt. Hope-Book Shanty (just west of square)
Mt. Hope-Faith View Bookstore
Mt. Hope-Keim Bros

Northeastern Ohio
Middlefield-Parkman Pantry
Middlefield-Valley View

Central/Western Ohio
Belle Center-Country Variety Store and Bakery
Fredericktown-Country Lane Buggy and Books
Bradford-The Flour Barrel
Shiloh-Country Fabrics

Lancaster/Lebanon Counties:
Ephrata/Hinkletown-Conestoga (Grace Press)
Ephrata/Clay-Clay Bookstore
Ephrata/New Holland-Home Messenger Bookstore (also Lebanon Co.)
Lancaster-Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society
Gordonville-Gordonville Books
Parkersburg-Brookside Bookstore

Central Pennsylvania
Spring Glen-Shady Lane Hardware
Mifflintown-Green Pasture Press
Newville-Rocky View Bookstore
Waynesboro-Hege’s Bookstore

Northwestern Pennsylvania
Atlantic-Mullet’s Dry Goods
Saegertown-Woodcock Country Store



Etna Green-Nappanee Fabrics
Goshen-Village Variety

Bloomfield-Shady Lane Variety

Hagerstown-Deutsche Buchhandlung

Routledge-Zimmerman’s Store
Versailles/Barnett-School Basics and More
Versailles-Excelsior Bookstore

New York
Dundee-Dutch Kuntry Store

Dayton/Harrisonburg-Rocky Cedars Enterprise
Aroda/Madison Co.-The Bookstore at Strawberry Acres Farm

West Virginia
Gap Mills-Yoder’s Select Books

Colby-Das Deutsch Eck



Milverton-Country Cousins
Elmira-Wallenstein General Store
Elmira-Living Waters
Elmira-Busy Bee Quilts


Bookstores: contact the publisher for bulk rates